What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) is a body-based hydrotherapy treatment. During a colon hydrotherapy session, water is gently introduced into the large intestine through the anus in a controlled manner by a qualified therapist or self-administered under the guidance of a qualified therapist.  The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is to achieve the optimal bowel function through the restoration of fluid, matter and gas balance, removal of excess wastes and exercise to the large intestine for the benefit of assisting absorption, assimilation and elimination which is instrumental in maintaining health and wellbeing of the body and mind.

(Self-administered unsupervised or unguided introduction of water into the large intestine of any nature cannot be described as colon hydrotherapy and falls into broad category of enemas).


3 responses to “Colonics

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  2. Sounds fun. How much?

    • The blog item I posted today (10th May) has all my packages for colonics listed. It depends on the intensity of the treatment plan (multiple treatments) or if you are just having a one off “seasonal detox” – call me if you’d like to discuss your individual requirements – 07515 429008 /

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